How did you know about me?

Holaaa! Is it my very first time to blogging? Hmmm, I don’t think so. Because in a long-long time ago (ups), I’ve had the other one but it has deactivated now (I forgot my account, hehe).

Well, let me first introduce my self. I am Mika Isriantiani, And you can call me Mika. Now, currently I am working as a Business & Relation (specialist in Business Development and Public Relation) in one of Muslim start-up in Indonesia.

Before we talk about my job, I tell you that I am a Bachelor from Indonesian Literature in University of Indonesia, years of 2013. Then, why did I chose business for my job? Well I think its curious enough, right? I think that Its all about your passion (maybe). When you’ve find your comfort zone and it gives you a lot of experiences which make you learn every(working)day, you wont miss it, right? And this is what I feel to build my self and changes my mind about w(e)rking life.


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